Safety First

E-mail account hacking seems to be on the rise, based upon recent activity.  We rely so heavily on e-mail that it is easy to forget basic security precautions we should all take.  Here are four simple suggestions:

  1.  Never provide confidential information via e-mail.  E-mail accounts are vulnerable to hacking.  For example, you could have an e-mail in your Inbox that references an account number.
  2. Use strong passwords.  What is a strong password?  A strong password includes capital letters, numbers, and special characters.  I like to use lengthy phrases that include all of those items.
  3. Do not click on embedded links in unsolicited e-mails.  Hackers are clever people.  They can easily replicate the logo for your bank, making you think the e-mail is legitimate.  Pick up the phone and call the institution if you are uncertain.
  4. Use security software.  Install a personal firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spam software.  And do not forget to run regular scans.

Be safe out there!

Cristy Freeman, AAMS
Senior Operations Associate