Pardon the Dust

If you visit our Asheville office this summer, please pardon the dust.  It is with GREAT pleasure that I announce we are refurbishing our building. 

It was built in 1892.  Like most old structures, it requires a little extra TLC from time to time.  We began with the exterior. 

Here is the “before” picture:

And here is the “after:”

Rather than replace it, we refinished our conference room table.  We will replace the chairs soon, opting for something a little more comfortable and modern.  We also plan to remove the wallpaper and replace the carpeting on the main floor.  We will replace a few pieces of furniture too. 

When the dust settles, we hope you like our “new-to-us” space.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience!

Cristy Freeman, AAMS
Senior Operations Associate